On a field of red, a lion stands,
With noble bearing, strong and grand.
In silver white, with piercing eyes,
A symbol of our family's pride.

An arrow gold, points to the west,
A sign of progress, we know best.
With speed and aim, we forge ahead,
Our family's strength, our hearts well-led.

The wheel of black, on gold it gleams,
A mark of progress, so it seems.
With forward motion, we'll never tire,
Our legacy, forever to inspire.

Oh, dearest love, with heart so true,
I'll fight for you, as lions do.
With arrow swift, and wheel in tow,
Together we'll conquer every foe.

In silver white, we'll stand upright,
Our love, a symbol of our might.
With lion's courage, and arrow's speed,
Our love, a noble, mighty deed.